Company Overview

Fane Valley Feeds is one of the largest animal feed manufacturers in Northern Ireland with an annual production capacity in excess of 300,000 tonnes. Our mills are committed to producing the highest quality dairy, beef, sheep, pig and poultry feeds formulated to meet the needs of our customers.

With manufacturing sites in Omagh and Newry, and a modern and efficient fleet of delivery vehicles, Fane Valley Feeds is well positioned to service Northern Ireland and the border counties of Louth, Monaghan, Cavan, Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal.

Feed Solutions

At Fane Valley Feeds we offer a wide range of feed and nutritional solutions to meet the needs of high-performance livestock across the dairy, beef, sheep, pig and poultry sectors. We understand nutrition and are focused on innovation and the development of high-performance feeding solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Technical Expertise

We take pride in being able to deliver industry leading technical support and advice to our customers across the ruminant and monogastric sectors. Our technical support team and technical sales specialists are highly skilled and trained to ensure innovative nutritional solutions, as well as maximising performance, efficiency and farm profitability. Through on farm research trials, we are continually developing improved and innovative feeding concepts.

Pullet Rearing

We are Northern Ireland’s largest independent pullet rearer, rearing pullets for free range and organic egg production. Operating to the highest welfare standards we rear over 1 million chicks annually, taking them from day old to the point of lay at 15 to 17 weeks of age, supplying leading commercial flocks across Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Sustainability & Environmental Focus

At Fane Valley Feeds we are passionate about the environment and ensuring we operate responsibly, to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure we leave the planet a better place for future generations. We continually invest in new technologies and equipment to ensure more efficient and sustainable production, as well as reducing our CO2 emissions, energy consumption and water usage across the business.

Latest News

Benefits of Better Forage

11th April 2024

High quality forage is the cornerstone to efficient milk production. There are many contributing factors to making high quality silage but driving milk from forage has significant benefits to cow health, performance, and overall farm profitability. There is often the perception that poor quality silage can be fully compensated for by feeding additional concentrate, which…

Fane Valley’s two-year Graduate Development Programme is showing much promise with the management excited about their first three appointments after an ongoing selection process. Aimed at attracting the agri sectors most promising and aspiring candidates. Fane Valley Feeds boasts a host of incentives and development opportunities for all graduates in a welcoming and people focused…

RIGHTStart Calf feed is an elite calf feed range which has been developed exclusively by Fane Valley Feeds to promote optimum rumen development and increase calf immunity. RIGHTStart has demonstrated to improve feed efficiency by up to 33% and increase daily live weight gain.  There are 5 key areas of focus within the RIGHTStart calf…