Industry Leading Support

High quality, technical advice

Nutritional Support

We are focused on providing the highest quality advice and technical support to our customers. We utilise the latest NIR forage analysis equipment and feed formulation software to give our customers high quality advice and technical support ensuring tailored feeding solutions and plans to meet their business needs, so that they achieve the maximum performance and production from their livestock.

Technical Expertise

We are focused on training and development ensuring our technical support team are experts in ruminant and monogastric nutrition, trained to post graduate level in nutrition as well as being accredited Cow Signals Masters. Our technical support team and technical sales specialists are highly skilled and trained to ensure innovative nutritional solutions, as well as maximising performance, efficiency and farm profitability. Through on farm research trials, we are continually developing improved and innovative feeding concepts.

Support Services

We offer a wide range of support services to meet the needs of our customers. Services include:

  • Feed Plans and Bespoke Diet Formulations
  • Inter Herd Analysis
  • Forage Analysis
  • Forage Mineral Analysis
  • Dairy Herd Costings
  • Soil Analysis and Nutrient Planning