Quality Animal Feeds

Increased performance

Dairy Range

Our dairy feeds are designed to produce high quality milk with maximum efficiency. We use specifically chosen ingredients to produce nutritionally balanced feeds designed to promote milk production, improve fertility and maintain health – key factors affecting cow longevity. Each feed is fortified with high quality protected dairy minerals to meet the requirements of high yielding dairy cows.

Calf & Heifer Range

The early stages in an animal’s life can have a huge impact on its health, growth and production potential in later life. With this in mind, the Fane Valley Feeds Right Start Calf and Heifer range has been designed to provide calves and heifers with the very best start in life – formulated to provide specific nutrients and to promote the early development of the rumen. Fortified with a high quality vitamin and mineral package, the Fane Valley Feeds Calf range helps to build a healthy immune system.

Beef Feed

Fane Valley Feeds offer a range of Beef feeds suited to various stages of production. Each of our feeds is formulated to provide all the nutrients required for maximum performance and are fortified with high quality vitamin and mineral packages to meet all the requirements of growing and finishing beef cattle.

Sheep Feed

The Fane Valley Feeds Sheep Feed range covers all stages and types of sheep farming, from specialist feeds to taking care of both the ewe and the lamb. All of our sheep feeds are formulated using quality ingredients to meet the demands of your flock and are fortified with high quality mineral supplements to provide all the vitamins and minerals required at each stage of life.

Pig Feed

Fane Valley Feeds understand the importance of pig nutrition, from breeding sows to finishing pigs; we have a feed that is suitable for every stage of the pig production system. Our dedication to the pig industry has led to the use of the latest nutritional research in the formulation of our high quality pig feeds.

Poultry Feed

Our range of poultry feeds for Chickens, Laying Hens, Ducks and Turkeys have been formulated using carefully selected and quality assured raw materials and manufactured to the highest quality production methods to ensure traceability and high quality, consistent products.