Fane Valley Feeds Guide To A Successful Lambing Period.

24th January 2024

Pictured: Jenna Gibson – Fane Valley Feeds, Ruminant Feed Advisor on farm

As Springtime is fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about your flock and the importance of adequate nutrition for the pregnant ewe. Around 75% of foetal lamb growth occurs in the 6-8 weeks pre-lambing so it is vital to ensure ewes have a diet which meets their requirements during late pregnancy. 

As many post-lambing parameters are dependent on the adequate feeding of the ewe before lambing, such as colostrum production, target lamb birthweight, vigour, and ultimate survival, it is crucial the pre lambing nutrition is correct.

The ewes appetite is also reduced in this time, with the growing lamb putting pressure on the rumen causing a physically reduction in its size, reducing the ewe’s dry matter intake. 

As nutrient requirements increase due to foetal growth, we have to meet this demand with supplementary concentrates in late pregnancy. This demand will differ depending on scanning results and forage quality. Your ewes should be batched accordingly as this allows you to target feed to their energy requirements, helping to avoid energy deficiencies such as twin lamb disease. Colostrum is crucial for every new-born lamb providing passive immunity, as the lamb hasn’t developed its own immune system.

Fane Valley Feeds Ewe Range provides rumen bypass protein, which will help support colostrum production and milk yield through lactation. High inclusions of energy dense cereals across the range provide the ewe with adequate energy to complement a wide range of forages on farm. This is essential as the ewe comes closer to lambing and energy requirements rise. 

Careful selection of mineral inclusion in the Fane Valley Ewe nuts includes important trace elements. High levels of Vitamin E and Selenium are included to improve lamb vigour, reduce the incidence of white muscle disease, and support the ewe’s immune system.

The inclusion of Safmannan has a positive effect on ease of lambing as there is more mucus produced during lambing. Colostrum quality is improved which results in more vigorous lambs and improved lifetime performance. Safmannan supports the ewe’s immune system around lambing when they are under the most stress.

If you would like to discuss the nutrition of your pre-lambing ewes or find out more information on the Fane Valley Feeds Ewe Range including Safmannan, please contact our Ruminant Feed Advisor, Jenna Gibson on  07970 153004 or your local Fane Valley Feeds Sales Specialist.

The Fane Valley Feeds Ewe Range is also available at your local Fane Valley Stores.