Get Your Calves Off To The Right Start.

22nd February 2024

Pictured: Lauren McKeown from Fane Valley Feeds Technical Services

RIGHTStart Calf feed is an elite calf feed range which has been developed exclusively by Fane Valley Feeds to promote optimum rumen development and increase calf immunity. RIGHTStart has demonstrated to improve feed efficiency by up to 33% and increase daily live weight gain. 

There are 5 key areas of focus within the RIGHTStart calf range;

R – Rumen. RIGHTStart calf feeds incorporate high level of cereal by the inclusion of Maize, Barley and Wheat. This promotes rumen papillae development helping maximise feed conversion efficiency and daily live weight gain.

I – Immunity. Fane Valley Feeds protected minerals help to boost immunity, and health.

G –   Gut.   Live yeast encourages rumen development from first feed, maximising feed conversion efficiency and growth rates.

H – Health.  Safmannan is included in the diet to bind and excrete pathogens, helping prevent digestive illnesses early on, and promote better health in calves.

T – Thrive.  RIGHTStart incorporates a high starch, providing calves with the energy they need to thrive.

The Fane Valley RIGHTStart Calf range includes three main products: RIGHTStart Calf Starter Pellets, RIGHTStart Calf Grower Pellets and Pedigree Excelsior Pellets. RIGHTStart products include high levels of energy which has been proven in research trials to improve feed efficiency, and daily live weight gain compared to high fibre feeds. 

Ensuring calves have good immunity to illness and disease challenges that they face is vitally important to maximise potential, especially during the first weeks of life as a calf’s immune system is not yet fully developed. The RIGHTStart calf range includes protected mineral pack containing both organic and inorganic trace elements such as Selenium, Zinc, Copper and Vitamin E, which are immunity focused and readily available to the calf.

These work alongside SafMannan and Actisaf to help boost the immune system, especially before and at weaning when they are more susceptible to disease.

Overall, the RIGHTStart calf range has been designed as an elite range of feeds for calves to help promote optimum efficiency and sustainability. 

To place your order or for more information, contact your local Fane Valley Feeds Sales Advisor, or call 028 8224 3221.