Platinum Pro Drives Feed Efficiency This Winter

25th February 2021

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In the midst of a challenging winter for dairy farmers, Fane Valley Feeds’ Platinum Pro has helped to improve feed efficiency and has enhanced cow health on many farms across the country. The Platinum Pro range has been specifically designed using the latest research and feeding technology to complement a wide range of forages and to maximise cow performance, fertility and longevity.

The energy dense Platinum Pro range, incorporates high quality ingredients, ensuring cows are given every opportunity to achieve peak yield and maintain milking persistency throughout lactation.

Platinum Pro has a high inclusion of cereals, with a focus on glucogenic feeding. This is predicated on a high starch level that is the precursor of glucose production. The extra glucose produced increases lactose production in the udder resulting in higher milk yields.

The inclusion of high quality protein sources, mainly Soya and Rapeseed meal, ensures a well-balanced supply of amino acids, as well as both degradable and undegradable protein sources. This is perfect to complement both grass and whole-crop silage by providing an optimal rumen environment for high output milk production systems, as well as ensuring excellent milk composition.

The use of AcidBuf and ActiSaf yeast in Platinum Pro optimises rumen conditions by providing an enhanced buffering capacity and the ability to stabilise rumen pH over an extended period, aiding feed efficiency and overall gut health.

With the inclusion of protected fat in the form of Megalac, Platinum Pro helps ensure higher progesterone production allowing for improved egg and embryo development. This has enabled improved conception and pregnancy rates on farms throughout the country.

The high fat content helps to mitigate against excessive body condition loss in early lactation and ensures cows can return to a positive energy balance earlier in lactation. This also has a positive effect on heat expression and days to first service.

Fane Valley Feeds bespoke Elite Dairy supplement ensures Platinum Pro contains an extremely high quality mineral pack.  This has a high inclusion of protected minerals including Bioplex copper, Bioplex Zinc, and Selplex selenium to ensure maximum availability. The use of Bioplex protected minerals alongside enhanced vitamin E levels has been shown to reduce somatic cell count (SCC) and incidence of mastitis on many farms. A high inclusion of Biotin improves hoof quality and strength, which can help to reduce incidence of lameness within the herd.

For more information on the Platinum Pro Feed range, please contact your local Fane Valley Feeds advisor or Dr David Johnston on 079 2986 5118